Castroviejo - The Enchanted City

Duruelo de la Sierra from Castroviejo

Green and more Rocks

Green between Castroviejo Rocks

Balcony in Castroviejo

Balcony in Castroviejo with views to our sea of pines and green

Footpath among the Rocks in Castroviejo

Size of the Rocks in Castroviejo

Over time carved in the rocks

Sizes and shapes of the rocks in Castroviejo

Rock, Icon of Castroviejo


Where erosion has played to undress and shape the rocks giving them odd shapes, sprinkling their green meadows of rocks.
It is another of the most unique places because of its great beauty.
If we look at the small balcony that awaits us in the background, we will have a majestic view of the pine forests and villages that accompany this place.
From Vinuesa it is only 20 minutes by car and if in the afternoon there is plenty of time, also from here you could visit Serena Cave and waterfall only 15 minutes from CastroViejo and in a magnificent walk among pine groves.